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 Golden Rose

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PostSubject: Golden Rose   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:04 am

Seeing his deep blue eyes my skin shivered. He was so perfect yet somehow mine?
No, he couldn't be, harsh mind playing tricks on me again. Skin like crystal, so
flawless. Warm at touch... very warm.
"Beep, Beep, Beep," all the alarms clocks began in unison. This was my typical
morning. Nothing to out of the ordinary. Not even the dream of this man; weird dreams
had become part of my normal routine now. I slipped out of bed and run my palm on the alarm clock to
mute its voice.
Dragging my feet across the carpet I eventually made it to the bathroom. Flicking on
the light I look in the mirror to see a girl looking back at me. Her tangled brown hair
and tired green eyes proving her lack of rest lately. After a few attempts I eventually
got my contacts in and brushed out my hair out. Following that I brushed my teeth and d
id anything else that would be nessisary.
Then went back down the hall to my room where i finished getting dress. Today only
seemed to get slower and slower. I tossed my bookbag over my back and went down the stairs. I sat on the counter and shut my eyes letting my thoughts gather. As my eyes grew heavy and shut, minutes happened like seconds. By the time I re opened them it had been half an hour and was time for me to depart for that place they call school, but many children knew as prison.
Putting my bookbag on I walked out the door but I couldn't get something out of my
head from last nights dream.

'Ring the bells,
Call the horns,
Run for cover,
Here come the storms,
Animal tears,
And hearts are torn.
Fire grows higher,
A war is born.'

Down the street and passed the gas station, thats where my bus stop was located and to
get there is would only normally take me 2-5 minutes depending on what mood I was in.

"He dumped her," Jane was talking to Alyssa.
"She deserved it though, for cheating" Alyssa sighed.
This not being my normal specialty to talk about I kept quiet while
standing by them until the bus came. As the bus came and opened the dorrs for us to
enter a few more bodies showed. Entering th buss the wamr air welcomed us allowing to
escape from the cold outside. I lied against the seat throwing my bag beside me. Shutting
my eyes my body fell numb and I slowly fell asleep. The bus slowed down to a stop and as
I opened my eyes I saw people standing up to get off. I followed their exmaple and threw
my bag on my back and walked toward the school once i got off the bus. The schools smelled
of cinammon rolls.

The school smelt of cinammon rolls and was for the most part empty.
A few people here and there but as time progressed that would change. I walked up the
stairs and down the hall to my first hour class, science. I opened the door to the science
pod and there was two people I know. The door shut behind me.

Click, Click
Jennifer and Daniel were there sitting on the hallway floor. I slide on the floor sitting
against the wall and they only seemed to get louder with there giggles and talking.
Before I had knew it Daniel had jumped on my lap and the air was knocked right out ofme.

"Fat butt your going to crush me!" I tried pushing her off me.

They both broke out laughing as I pushed her off.

"You okay Crysta?" Jennifer asked me.
"Im fine just tired is all,"

She nodded and went back to talking about herself, nothing new. Jennifer was a shallow
person and would stand up for you until someone new came around. Then she just moves on.
Daniel would just follow Jennifer around like a lost puppy dog. They both annoyed me but
in high school you learn to adapt.
The door clicked again and this time Cassie walked in, she sat down by me but as soon as
she did the bell rang.

"Ugh I had just sat down too!!" Cassie sighed and rolled her eyes pushing herself back
up to stand up.

I could not help but giggle a little as she got off the ground complaining about having
to go back down that stairs. As she left she looked back and told me to text her and I
nodded. Daniel skipped over and helped me off the ground and we then walked into the
hallways. The normal packed chaos halls. Walking threw the halls here is what makes a p
erson go clauseterphobic. Saying hi to the people I knew which was basically everyone.
I gave a hug to my good friends Thomas and Ashleigh then turned around to head back
in the direction of the science pod, but I froze.

I didn't know him, but he was familiar. New, but very familiar.
People passed and got in the way of my view and then he was gone.

"No Class, Assembly day", The teacher said as she walked up the hall
I slipped my bookbag back on and went down the stairs quickly while texting on my phone.

Hey, Save me a seat, Assembly today I texted Cassie and clicked send.
Walking threw the halls talking to those I needed to and hugging those I knew well and
could within stand for more than 5 seconds. Until I finally made it to the gym where
kids were being piled in like animals. I searched the stands until I finally located
Cassie and slowly made my way up to her. She was occupied talking to Brittney but that
was alright, I was distracted anyways. Was I obssesed since I couldn't get him out of
my mind ? I had only seen him once but once was all it took to put me in such a dream.
The councilers began talking but truth be told, I didn't care enough to pay attention.
All they were talking about it how we made it threw this much and how we got a break.
Then they dismissed us.
The best thing about assemblys is afterwards you get a free day. I began walking around
with friends just talking and seeing what people were up to. Why could I not get this
guy I didn't even know the name to out of my head? Deep in thought while thinking, very
bad idea.
I was walking basically spaced out and tripped over someone ending up on top of him.
"I apologize, that was my bad." His voice was like velvet. His voice was music to my
ears with his irish accent. My checks flashed pink lightly as he helped me up...
Its was him....

"No, No, your fine. I should have been paying attention," I smiled lightly acting
confident while I actually felt completely stupid. That was the best response I had?

"Are you new here?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I guess you can say that" He replied looking at me.
I nodded feeling uncapable of finding the right words. The feeling of a dream..
A dream was just what it was. Thats where he was from, the dreams. It all came to me
at once. His hair, dark brown and eyes, deep blue. His soft skin, tan but like crystal
with flawless structure.
My thoughts were interupted with his amazing voice again.

"You okay lass?"
I jumped back into reality and looked at him nodding.

"Um you want to walk around some?" I began walking slightly and he nodded following.

We walked behind the group of friends I was previous witth talking, but as time passed
we grew farther farther behind till eventually we los tthe group completely. Which I did
not mind.

"Hmm Question Game"
"Explain what that is exsacly" He laughed a little and we both on the floor in a hallway.

"The question game? Oh its a game where we would take turns asking each other questions.
You have to answer honestly" I smiled lightly.
He nodded and I began the game.

"Favorite Color?" I asked.

"Green for sure, how about you? Same question" He responded.
"Um.... I like green, blue, red, black, and white but not all together." I leaned my
head agains the wall and continued talking.
"Where did you move here from?"
"North Carolina, it was one of those crazy last minutes moves. Military, you know?" He
"Sadly I do" I sighed also.
We both grew quiet for a bit so i decided to asked.
"So, what are you doing this break?"
"Isn't it my question lass?" He smiled at me. And I laughed some.
"I guess it is."
"Want to hang out over break?" He began standing up.
"Like a date?" I tipped my head.
"Well I was meaning like hanging out, but sure a date" He gave me that crooked smile and
helped me up.

I wrote my number on his hand lightly and we walked down the hallway. But I accidently
stumbled into him and he laughed at me lightly making me smile about the entire thing.

"Your very different than most people here." His compliment took me by surprise as he
continued walking I followed to catch up.
"Huh? What do you mean?"

He laughed at my confusion quietly.

"Well since I got here either girls have been all over me or people have been trying
to recruit me for something. Over welming stuff, but your just calm." His voice trailed off.
"Hurry up!!" Jennifers voiced trailed down the hallway. Seemed as though they had
caught on we weren't behind them.
"She's very impatient" He smirked
"So impatient, thats what we are calling it now?" I smiled. It was quiet after that
but he smiled back.

We began walking down the hall slowly. And he sighed speaking again.

"She can be rude, huh? Especially with guys." He looked at me.
I couldn't help but nods responding, "I guess, like she finds me desprate. But when
I am single, its single by choice."

I was curious how he knew so much about this but I didn't ask. There was for sure
something special about him but I didn't want to push my luck.

"Want to show her your not deserate lass?" He looked at me with an irresitable smile
that I couldn't help but fall for. His eyes made me melt like ice falling into the
summer heat, and all I could do is nod. He wrapped his arms around my waist lightly
walking behind me as we continued walking till we came into Jennifer and Daniels veiw.
I could see the bitter jealousy and anger in their eyes but I enjoyed it. I enjoy all
of this to much, there anger and confusion, my own confusion, his touch against my waist.
It was warm.... my eyes grew wide slightly and i bit my lip.

"Demetri...." I said quietly.

We stopped for a split moment but then began walking again very slowly. The seconds grew
longer and he whispered in my ear carefully.

"Did I tell you that?" His voice was slightly nervous.
"No, It was in a dream" I felt the air get lighter. This had to be another dream. This
day just got weirder and werider. I could sense the tension in his hands that held my waist.

"Thats my name" His voice very faint.

We bother grew silient, by this silience I knew he knew something I did not. And I also
knew he was not planning on telling me anytime soon without a fight. It felt as though the
longest walks of my life to Daniel and Jennifer. I adored being close to him, it sounds
weird since I hardly knew him but it felt when I was close to him I had known him just
about my entire life.

"Your kidding" Daniel sighed and looked at him and I. Jennifer walked up and stood by
"So, are you two dating or something now." Jennifer hissed.

It seemed about 5 minutes but had only been about 5 seconds. Demetri looked at me and then
back at Jennifer; with that charming smile across his face he replied.

"Guess you could say that."

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PostSubject: Golden Rose Chapter 2   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:05 am

After we all had split up and gone our seperate ways I had made my way to the mall to meet up with Cassie, Mellia, and Katrina. Demetri had to help him family unpack anyways.

We went to all the normal stores and looked through clothing but nothing really caught my fancy. Nothing at least till my phone it went off. A text from Demetri.

'Hey want to hang out tonight?'

'Sure' I texted back.

I took a deep breathe then realized I had nothing to wear and went threw the clothes in the store till I put together the perfect outfit. While putting the outfit together my friends followed me with questions till I finally told them I was going on a date but left them name less. I wouldnt tell the name till I knew we would work out for certain. Eventually I got another text from Demetri telling me that he would pick me up around.. this gave me about half an hour. I dashed home and got ready as soon as I finished I heard the door shake some down stairs.

'Knock Knock'
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PostSubject: Chapter two   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:07 am

(Shortened version, Demetri showed she got in his car and was nerouvs then they got to this 90's restraunt where she met his friends. The people there were Damian, Alyssa, Rory, and Akina. Rory+Alyssa, Akina+Damian. Rory is demetri older brother and a flirt. And Alyssa is a total brat. Um she started explaining herself in a poem:

"I am the fire and the water and the stars in the sky,
Im the animals whisper always putting up a try,
I come from the land where dreams come true,
I come from the land where the dead can see you,
Where sword fights and arrows are the start.
Where the past is now and the now is apart."
After that Demetri was pulled away by Alyssa and stuff got serious.)

"What do you means by all of that?" Alyssa voice was serious.

I shrugged, "What I dream comes true alot"

They went silient until they changed the subject and began talking about the movie they were going to see next friday. Demetri put his arm around my waist I guess for comfort, and it worked. All of this seemed unreal, like a story book. The more you read the more it became real to the mind. Somehting bigger than us, where you could design the characters so perfectly in your head. The perfect story you just want to be a part of... Something I was a part of.

"Aubrey, Is I may ask whats your favorite book?" Damians voice interupted my thoughts, which I didnt mind. He was very careful like Demetri.

"Um.. sure, I enjoy any science fiction book..." I sighed and shrugged.
"I adore the impossible," I finished.

Damian nodded and kissed Akina on the check, "We will have to depart soon"
Akina nodded in agreement. This seemed to be the secret word for it was time for everyone to go for soon afterwards Alyssa stood up leaving cash on the table. Akina hugged me and followed Alyssa out holding Damians hand. "We best be heading out" Damian nodded to Demetri and he nodded back. The table empy but the three of us. Rory hadnt budged.

"Someone has to be the chaperon on this so called date" A cockey smile spread across Rory's face as he laughed.

Thought I was looking at the table I could sense the dirty looks between Rory and Demetri; their own mute conversation.
Rory then stood up and Demetri followed.

"And on that we are leaving" Demetri held my hand lightly pulling me behind him.

"See you at home little brother" Rory laughed.
I could feel the tension.

"Brotherly Love?" I smiled as we got into the car.

"Yeah guess you can call it that" Demetri fake laughed then started the car and we were out of the parking lot in what seemed all one motion.

"He's loveable?" I looked at Demetri.
Demetri laughed at me, this time a real laugh.

"I dont know, hanging around my house might just be a bad idea tonight" He smirked.

I made a slight smile, "Aww come on, there wont be any funny stuff, pwez?" I looked at him with the cutest puppy face I could make. We pulled up to the gate to get on post and we handed him our ID's, he looked at us then smirked and handed our ID's back, as we pull threw he told us to have a SAFE night...

I turned up the radio some to fill the quietness in the air.

"Alright, we will go to my house" He sighed in defeat, I could not help but smile and let the radio play.

I looked Demetri in the eyes and I could see the same emotion in his as mine... includding worry. The emotions overwhelmed me. I had just met him yet I knew one thing. I had now met love at first sight.
We pulled around the corner to the front of his house; he helped me out the door and led my up to the front door. As soon as he opened and helped me inside the fresh roses scent was there to greet me. He led me upstairs to his room without hesitant, I felt like putty in his hands. Though he had just moved here, his room was already set up like he had been there for weeks, maybe even months. I sat on his bed and closed my eyes just thinking trying to add all this together then I felt the warmth. The warmth of his hands holding mine.
As I opened my eyes, there he was in front of me at eye level. He was my Romeo, I was his Juliet, and this was just where I wanted to be.

"You looked tired" He smirked and then kissed my forehead lightly.

The night was over, and we hadnt done much; but being with him made it seem like we had accomplished the universe in 3 short hours..
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PostSubject: Chap 3   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:10 am

The tree's seemed to be more gracful and flowing with life. The tree began to grow leaves from every branch and each stream heard form the distance. Ivy spread across the floors and critters teasing you in the bushes. I walked thru this forest which I had never layed my eyes on, but the path was fluent to me. Then by a old oak tree there was a sparkle; I couldnt tell the distance what it was but as I got closer out of curiousity, it became more and more clear. It was a golden rose, amazingly it sparkle by a small stream and as I got closer I could also see what seemed like Golden Diamond in the stream but as I reached my hand I felt pain all over my hand. The hand bleeding from every angle cuts from what seemed as golden dimonds but actually a mirror.
My alarm beeped waking me from the dream and as my eyes opened the memory of last night was fresh in my mind.
Every touche, every word, every smile.... replayed in my memory. I slipped out of bed and stretched, every muscled gleed in pleassure. Then I smelt popping form down stairs, had the impossible happened? Was my mother actually home? And actually cooking? I smelt the crisp air throwing my hair back in a pony tale. I ran down the the hall and began down the stairs. From down stairs you could hear a THUD. I landed on my butt again and could hear my mother laughing. I had a habbit of falling down the stairs.

"The stairs tripped you again." My mom commented while laughing. She looked back at me from the food as I entered the room.
I was rubbing my back and nodded while taking a plate. "Yes, Yes, It did."

We both got what we wanted from the food on our plates and sat at the table eating. Then my mom looked at me curiously.

"Is he cute?" She took a long drink of her coffee then finished talking. "He, as in the boy. Is this boy cute?"

"Amazingly, he is so much more than just cute though. He is romantic and hyper. Shy and out there. Smart but no obvnoxious. And mysterious. Just perfection to me. Innocent and charming..!" I could have gone on but I just let out a happy sigh.

"He sounds wonderful" She laughed as she finished her plate.

What was everyones common interest with my dating life? Was I really that obvious? I cleared my place and began dishes.

My mom and I talked for a little while about going to the movie tonight but the problem was it was with Jennifer. My mother wasnt stupid and knew Jennifer was trouble and hated me hanging aorund her. She agreed I could go if I really wanted to but told me to think about it. I hugged her and then ran up stairs were my computer was on and waiting. I logged on to messager and saw if anyone was on.

Demetri was.

He had messaged me, I messaged back and our conversation had begun.

Demetri: Hey there.
Crysta:Heyyy (:
Crysta: How are you?
Demetri: Good you?
Crysta: Worn out...but good lol
Demetri: Question Game.
Demetri: Ok?
Crysta: Kayy
Demetri: I really care about you.. something special in you.. and was wondering.. If you would be my girl friend?

Crysta:....of course!
Demetri: Just because your amazing and honestly I couldnt be more happy to show you off in front of everyone.
Crysta: Awww sweetness (:.... Do you find it the least bit weird we just met basicly and are already gf and bf?
Demetri: I guess, but not really. It seems like I have known you for centuries.
Demetri: Least thats how I feel.
Demetri: You there?
Crysta: Yeah, sorry, cat shut my computer lid. I feel the same ^-^
Demetri: Cool,
Crysta: Yeah, Hey what do you say to a party tonight?Demetri: Party.. huh? Will you be there?
Crysta: Of course.Demetri: Then I will be there beautiful.
Crysta: See you soon
Demetri: lol yeah.

Crysta signed off

Demetri Signed off


I closed the msn chat window down and began packing for a sleepover. Throwing several outfits and pairs of shoes in my bag. Then skipped into the bathroom and began applying makeup. I lied on my back and got a change to rest for about five minutes till my phone began singing to me. It was Jennifer I could tell by her annoying voice. We spoke some then I shut my phone. She annoyed me so much, but I wasnt aloud to go to parties and if we spent the night at her house, we could sneak out.

Everything was finished and all I had to do now was wait. The sun grw higher in the sky I felt it reaching across my skin. The warmth felt so good, everything reminded me of him. The rays enchanted my skin, my senses relaxed. Soon enough my eye lids became to heavy to hold up and fell closed. Before anything else could be done, I had fallen into a deep sleep...

Lights flashing, bright colors, drinks, even food. Everything fell into a party scene. A man, no face, no skin in sight and covered in black robes... Heat filled the room, I felt dizzy. My entire body felt sick and ill from fright yet still that dab of curiousity. The room spun around me and slid into nothing until I fell to the ground. Unable to breath. Something or someone was in front of me.. Was I dying? Or was I already dead..

My eyes shot open and I fell out of my bed. I looked at the clock and I was running late.

"Another dream" I sighed as I slipped my shoes on and threw my bag over my back. I then skipped down the stairs.

"Its here." My mom smirked.

"Alright" I hugged my mom and walked out the door.

"Your so slow!" Jennifer laughed as I jumped in the car.

I slid into my chair and then went to tie my shoes which I hadnt had the time to do yet. Thats when stuff got weirder.. On the inside of my right anckle there were marks cut deeply into my skin. As I examined them closer it looked like a star; I began to wipe the dried blood around it off. This wasnt normal in any way possible.. I began thinking of the possiblities of could have done this.
My first instinct would have been that one of the cats did it, but then again what cat could do this? It was so detailed, one could have considered perfect. I had to figure out what had done it but it would have to wait till I returned home, would have to wait till later. But little did I know, later would be to late.

Soon I was at Jennifers house. It was calm here, even though my mom disliked this palce highly.

"As soon as she leaves we will be peace outta here. The girls are at their friends house. Meet back here latest 3 tomorrow. Mom will be out with friends till 3:30 in the afternoon tomorrow." Jennifer was giving me the game plan.

When sneaking out you have got to be very careful and very sneaky. One slip up and your bascially screwed, but this wasnt our first time sneaking out.. not even.

"Girls I'm heading out!" Jennifers moms voice echoed up the hall as we could hear the door slam.
Jennifer smiled at me then jumped up from the bed and began getting ready. From the bathroom I could hear her.

"Took her long enough"

Two hours had passed and then we were ready, finally. We both stood up it was finally nine and time to head out. Our feet echoed down the stairs and we walked out the back door being sure it closed behind us. We would have to walk.
We headed down the street laughing and joking, this was typical Jennifer and I. At least when we got along. Every once in a while daring each other to do something.

"Will Koda be there?" I tipped my head looking at Jennifer. Koda was her boyfriend and my good guy friend.

"If he has the gutts to sneak out he should be." She shrugged slightly then continued. "How about that one guy you hit off with... he is HOT."

I smiled at her ignorance, he was so much more than that, "Demetri."

"Yeah!" She shouted then continued. "If you two dont work out I am so taking him."
I was just about ready to comment on her loyalty but she was saved by the bell, or in this case, the party. We entered what I thought at the time was a simple party but later would find out that this is what would change my life forever.
The lights flickered from color to color and food scattered across the tables. Deja vu, like this haad been seen before, but still different. When I had seen it, its was empty but at the time being it was packed.

Lane came up to me leaning on me smiled. "Hey you showed!"

"Of course I did!" I laughed and gave Lane a hug.

Jennifer gave some dirty looks form the corner of her eye then walked away. Lane and Jannifer had typically had issues, so this wasnt to new. The biggest issues bewtween them I think has to be that I chose Lane over Jennifer. And normally when it comes to friendship I know Lane would be there in the long run and be there for me over Jennifer.

"Well I have got to go, sorry. Hostess of party, ya know!" Lane gave me one more hug and smiled then ran up to where he boyfriend was. They made such a cute couple.

Both Lane and Jennifer has disappeared into the crowd now and a majority of the faces here I didnt reconize. I was half tempted to leave until I felt his warm hand wraps around my waist and his gentle lips touch my neck. I turned around slowly and smiled. He knelt in to kiss again and the urge was to much to resist, I kissed his angel carved lips back. I would adore to kiss him all the time and just stay here with him but something was wrong. I could feel the tension in his lips. I pulled away to read his facial expression, it all read worried, even in his eyes.
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PostSubject: Chap 3 cont   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:12 am

"Hope you dont mind...but i invited... got pressured into bringing some friends. They visiting town."He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I dont mind at all" I smiled.

"Well there is Kaleigh, Ari, Robin, and then Alyssa, Rory, and Damian. But you know the final three." He took my hand lead me outsit to the back yard.

Demetri began introduing each of them.

"This is Ari" He nudged his shoulder in the direction of a dark brown haired girl with fair skin, her eyes were a deep blue ocean blue. She looked like a child sitting on a swing with Rory standing behind her holding the ropes.

"This is Cat and Robin" He continued by pointing at a couple sitting on the pourch. He seemed like one of those cute face, heartless guys. Kind of curly skater boy hair cuts and it was light brown. Robin looked 16 while Cat surely look 15. Cat looked at me, she had dirty blonde hair and turquise eyes. I smiled a little bit entertained, there were a couple and both had animal names. Demetri put his arms around me, I felt secure.

"Then there is Kaliegh" Demetri tipped his head at the tree. At first I saw nothing, that was until she moved. She had black hair and mix tan skin with bright brown eyes. She was tall and thin.

"Um hi everyone" I gave a friendly smile and tipped my head slightly.

A few of the acknowledged me and said hello or hi but then continued with their conversation. Sounded like some kind of war game for the wii or Xbox. But I didnt dare ask, Demetri sat on the pourch step and pull me on to his lap where I sat quietly listening.

"They have biugger numbers, our chances look small" Alyssa spoke directing it towards Kaliegh.

I tipped my head, "What are you talking about?"

Damian smiled friendly at me and asked "Crysta, if the opponet had more peices in checkers then you, what would you do. How would you plan on winning?"

Alyssa then gave him a sharp glare.

"Hmm.. well you would want to get to the otherside of the board and get kinged so first you could get a player back and secondly because I could go in every direction." I shrugged slightly. It was such a weird question.

"Apply that to real life. Then how would you get your king checked, how would any of that work?" Cat tipped her slightly looking at Damian then at me.

I shrugged slightly "I dont know."Kaliegh smiled at Demetri for a quick second, I caught it from the corner of my eye. We then re entered the party.
Swing was on by Savage. I turned smling to him.

"You know how to dance at these parties right?" I teased, giving him a smile and he shock his head.

"Well it's time you learn" I kept me facial feature happy and took his hand lightly. It was time I took the lead.

"Now follow me, the girl is in charge this time" I took his hands and put them on my waist swinging my hips lightly.

He laughed lightly and smiled at me and I did the same back. As his hand slowly traced down to my lower waist and we continued dancing. Each motion, rememberable. This was our first dance together and it was something special. We were laughing having a grand time then our lips touched, out of no where. Each kiss just as passionate at the last. Everything grew warmer and different.. something I became addicted to. He pulled away and smiled at me.

"I got to go find Jennifer, real quick. Okay?" I smiled at him taking a deep breathe.

"Okay, I'm gonna go check on everyone." Demetri smiled back as he lets go of my waist carefully. He kissed my forehead before him and I departed.

I skipped thru the crowd till I found Jennifer, She was lying against the wall.

"Your wasted" I helped her up.

"No, No, No... I not wasteddd...." She ran her hand across the wall then about fell again but I helped her keep support.

"How many did you have?" I demanded.

"He didnt show!" She broke down just about crying. "Im not wasted, he just never showed!" The tears streaked down her face.

I could believe he didnt show and thats why she would be like this. But she WAS drunk. Emotions awire, sympton one.

"I think I am gonna head home" She began to gain her balance and I nodded.

"Do you need me to come?" I tiped my head.

"No NO No Ill just text you when I get home" She began to walk out without giving me any choice.

Time passed as people began to exit the house and take the party outside to the pool and the backyard. I began searching the house for Demetri then re entered the living room, the main party room, he was no where in sight. Thought the room was cleared of all people, it was a complete and utter mess, with popcorn, pretzels and randoms drinks here and there.
The lights were off but out of no where the blinking lights came on. I felt the pressure rising, the heat grow. Deja Vu. I stumbled back on the table hitting my head on the mirror, trying to catch myself on something I ended up slicing my hand open on te corner of the table. Light headed... unable to gain control.. I felt a sense on panic. I could not stand up, I didnt want to. I was vulerable. What I didnt know was how bad I was bleeding, would someone help me? And would it be to late? Or was there something bigger to worry about.. The rooms heat grew intensly and breathing became difficult.
Eye sight began failing me and my eyes lids began to shut. I felt heat and then got thrown into a wall. I let out a gasp and my eyes open wide to see a stranger. Dressed in full black and its eyes almost a glowing red. The heat doubled, and I could feel the dehydration. I kicked my legs and tried opening my mouth to let out a scream but my body was failing me. I had no voice, I had no strength, I had no control. I tried again, and it failed... My body did not obey. This stranger got closer and I kicked my legs again but it had grabbed my foot. I felt sharp pains carving into the star like cut, like needle stabbing into it. The blood drizzling down my legs, blood everywhere from myself. I had to do something, I gathered all the moisture I could conjure up in my mouth and throat and let out a scream. A small one but it was all I could bare.

"Hmph" The stranger laughed.
"To bad those glass doors are sound proof" The stranger began to kneel down to my level.The

Strangers face close to my face.. close to my neck.

There are a few things many people dont get about me.
One, I dont lose, what ever it take. I will win.
Two. Im complicated aonc confusing. I can admit to it. It keeps life fun.
And thirdly. I strive on the game of life. life is a challenge and I adore the challenege.

With this threee things in mind I knew I had to do something... otherwise it would be game over possibly. Instinct kicked in as I kneed the stranger in the gutt.

"I dont lose.." I whispers and I began to try to get some control of my body back, but it didnt work and I closed my eyes.

Seconds later and I heard crashing then there he was.. there Demetri was.

"We will talk again soon Demetri.."The stranger mumbled and disappeared. Disappeared into thin air.

I wasnt sure what was going on as I began to lose consiousness. But I felt his arms, holding me... the warmth.,.. till I blacked out....
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PostSubject: Chapter four   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:13 am

I started to feel the pain come back to me, but not only the pain but the emotions.. the shock. I swung my hand but all I hit was air. I swung again but this time I hit something but it held onto my hand, it was warm. My eyes shot open, It was Demetri. We were in his room.

"My bad.." My voice cracked a little.
"You need water" He got off the floor were he had been sitting by the bed I was in. He got some water then came back to my side.
"Drink" He handed me the glass of water which I didn't hesitate to let enrich my mouth with moisture.
"What happened..?" I tried to get up but he moved his hand over me to keep me lied down.

He then shook his head telling me that he wasnt going to let me up. I felt sick and everything was wrong, my body was rebeling against me and making me cramp up.

"What time is it?" My words began to form together, causing me to mumble.
"1:30" He runs his hand around my back lightly for comfort.

I managed to nod, it was still really early. I just had to be home at 3:30 which was right around 12 hours at least. Coughing overwelmed me, I kept trying to catch my breathe but un able to the coughing continued. Demetri soon began aware that each breathe I took was shorter than the last.

"Ari, I need you in here" Demetri called, never once leaving my side.

When Ari came in, I could barely reconize her. She looked more like a ghost than her normal hyper self. I felt as tho I was in a hospital, worst place I could think of. Where people get sick, get injected, die.... I shivered then sat up.

"Calm down Glow" Ari's words were simple but as soon as she said them, she froze.
"I meant Crysta..." She corrected herself quickly but she couldnt hid it any longer. She left quickly.

I pulls my hand away from Demetri and pushed him away from me angry.
"Tell me what happened! Whats going on? I have a right to know" I closed my eyes in pain.

I began feeling the pain again from every inch of my body. The scars, the cuts, everything hit me at that moment. I was sick of feeling like something was always missing, sick of the internal pain and now this outter pain. And sick of not even knowing why I went through this internal pain. Why had she called me Glow? Who was Glow? Was I glow... or was it another person... or girl?? His silence is what killed me.

"Please" I almost begged, my voice now a whisper.
"Crysta... someone is out to kill us. I cant explain it yet. At least i dont know how to.... but he knows about you.." his voice trailed off.

"Me?" I needed him to hurry, my mind was spinning.
"You, me, our friends, everyone here... its all part of the future. Magic is real Glow. Glow was the name of your real mother which is traditionaly passed down." He sighed, I could this wasnt the night he had expected but.. this wasnt the night I had expected either.

All these words hit me so harshly. This had to be a joke, a lie? Or maybe I was dreaming, I had the weirdest dreams so it wouldnt surprise me. I opened my mouth but nothing would come out. I was searching my mind for what to say but nothing seemed to fit the situation. My mind rambled, nothing was going together and nothing was making sense. Half of me wanted to scream and the other half was curious for more, more answers.

"Magic is real..." his voice was suddle.

I looked at him before my head hit the pillow again and I had passed out. So much take in... when nothing made sense. When I woke he was still by my side, I hadnt dreamed this time.

"Its real" I looked at him, my voice trailing and he nodded.
"It is" He sighed and gave me a hug.

I could not help but hug back, the tears ran down my face and I felt pathetic and joy all at once. Everything I knew was wrong? But every since I could remember I had a feeling it was wrong and being told this I knew he wasnt lying. It made me feel in a way at peace, complete.

"It will all be okay.. We will figure this out together" He pulled away from the hug and smiled at me.
"Now to bigger topics, we need to find our song" I smiled and he laughed at me lightly agreeing. I loved making him laugh, us being serious was just to much to take for to long. But I knew this was going to be complicated.

After we talked for a little while and he answered some of my questions about magic, I went back to sleep. I actually slept until 9 am. It wasnt a very peaceful sleep for I still felt every pain going thru my body and every thought ran thru my head. But when I awoke he was still there by my side. We talked a little more then he showed me around the house, where he also broke magic down a little better for me. From what he told me I understood a few things.
Kaliegh was the leader of a group known as the seven. Which consisted of seven people plue Kaliegh. Each of the seven represent an element: Alyssa was light, Akina was air, Damian was Tri/Sub, Cat was Water, Robin was fire, then there was Demetri, who was Earth. In the seven, once you joined you said a oath. In the oath your pretty much promising not to lie and to do whatever it takes. But you get immortality, which is living forever. I couldnt believe it, could there really be such a thing?
He continued telling me that everyone is born with a power; some have multiple. Some are rarer than other though. December 21st 2012, the day the Mayans predicted the world to end or enter a new age of enlightenment. Who wouldnt guessed itd be the start of a war? Good vs. bad, the final trial between the worlds.

Key word: Worlds.

Where the seven lived was Luster, a different world. Which is located inside a star and also has three moons of its own. A long time ago the seven and all magical creatures had to go into hiding which is when Earth's connection had been cut off from the rest of the worlds. Earth was originally the teleportation world connecting all of the worlds. Which means when Earth got cut off, it made them have to find alternative ways. Questioning what was so bad that made them cut Earth off?

All that he had told me, it was alot to take in. But is wasnt even half of the story.
He dropped me off at Jennifers and the rest of the week we talked very little; mostly on IM. I didnt mind the space though, I needed this time to think and at night I needed that time to dream...
Everything night a new adventure....a new fear...
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PostSubject: Chapter 5   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:14 am

I felt like crying as I walked back thru the doors of the high school. We had about 3 weeks till christmas break but I felt as though I couldnt last that long. Demetri and I threw break seemed a bit distant after the inccdent but we still talked and hung out, so far we had been together about a week and two days.

Jennifer snuck up on my grabbing my side and I jumped.

"Wow," Jennifer laughed.

"So wheres... uh... Demetri.. Yeah!! Thats his name!" She stumbled on her words slightly.

"I dont kn..." I got cut off by his hands around my waist. Those warms hands I could tell from anywhere, I didnt even have to look to know it was Demetri.

"Jennifer, May I burrow your friend just for a quickl second?" He gave he a slightly smile.

"Sure, take all the time you need" Jennifer winked and walked down the hall.

Demetri took charge letting go of my waist and held onto my hand. He led me down to a empty hallways , there he lightly tucked my hair behind my ear to push it out of my face. I could hear his breathe get closer as I lightly shut my eyes. His velvet lips in motion with mine, at that very moment my heart...mind...and soul.. decided i needed him. I didnt know what I would do without him. I felt his hand trace around my waist and I let my hands trace down his chest; learning some minor details of his body...he had a built body and a eight pack. Our lips continued in unison till I had to break it off.

"We're gonna be late" I smiled at him and he moved him arm allowing my access off the wall. I took his hand and led him back to the main hallway where our science class was located. Demetri took me by the waist and kissed me one last gentle time before we entered the science classroom. I sat in my normal back seat and convinced him to sit by me. Jennifer wasnt happy about it for thats where she normally say but she got over it and sat in front of us by Daniel.

The teacher only seemed to be going on and on about the Earth again. To be honest... I really found no interest in Earth Science. Demetri and I both opened out computers, pretending to take notes.

Instant Messager

Demetri: This is Very weird

"Tomorrow we'll be watching Journey to the center of the Earth" The teacher finally finished by saying.


Demetri: She just goes on and on
Crysta: I know right
Crysta: Isnt Instant messager supposed to be blocked? School computers and all....
Demetri: Maybe I'm just that good with electronics.
Crysta: Maybe...Maybe not
Demetri: lol What ever you say
Crysta: Yup
Demetri: Are you free tonight?
Crysta: Ummm nooo... lol but it's a school night.
Demetri: Won't be out long.
Crysta: Pick me up around...uh 5?
Demetri: Sounds good

I minimized it as the bell rang and shut my computer letting it go on stand by. I had a fear if I exited out of Instant Messager it wouldnt come back up.

"Such a drag day" I said as he took my hand.

"Yeah I guess. I'll see you in JROTC" He let go of my hand kissed me on my checkleaving my side.

The rest of the day was pretty slow, every class the teachers seemed to have something to pick at. Something always being wrong. Teachers, so picky. Sometimes I wondered if they would just lie in bed the night before and think about stuff to complain about. One teacher complaining about us being to loud, another about us being to quiet, another teacher even complained about us being to perfect! I could never be a teacher.
The day continued till finally JROTC came, the last hour of the day.

"McGlee; First Sargent" Demetri announced his last name to first sargent as he stood at attention. He seemed to experinced at this, it amazed me.
"By Ms. Hermosa, cadet McGlee. Miss Hermosa... I expect you to catch him up." First sargent gave me 'the look'. But 'the look' was second nature to First Sargent, as was his saying 'I will kill a dead snake'. Everyone seemed to be afraid of first sargent but to me... he was just a big teddy bear.

"That was easy enough" Demetri said as he sat in the vaccent seat next to me, I gave him a smile and laughed slighlty shaking my head then began to take notes.

I was concentrated on my work for once until curiousity struck me and then I opened the Instant Messager from before.
Crysta: Curiousity, But... where are we going tonight?

I heard him laugh him laugh to himself and from the corner of my eye I saw that smile he had that could make even fire melt. That smile of his...

Demetri: It a surprise
Crysta: I'm not a very patient girl.
Demetri: Obviously, but sorry babe not telling.

"Ugh" I shut my computer lid.

I had lost for noe but I was very good at the losing concept at all.

"Cant stand it huh?"Demetri whispered.

The bell rang and we walked down the hall together in front of everyone hand in hand. All to amazing. Down the stairs and to the buses.

"Guess this is when we have to say bye" I pouted then smiled lightly at him, he was holding both my hands.
"Not goodbye, Never goodbye. Just see you a little later...Like you said 5?" He gave me that smile and I nodded.
"Yes 5" I said as I got on the bus.

Demetri and I seemed always like a dream a perfect fairy tale, but now being apart... it had crashed to cruel reality. My entire body feeling cold lacking the warmth of him. As soon as I got home I put a new load of clothes in the wash and emptied the washing machine. Waiting for my mom to return home I went upstairs to my room where I changed into a gray aeropostle shirt, a pair of light blue skinny jeans, and a pair of black flats. Why did time seem so slow when you waiting for something yet so fast when your actually having fun? I opened my door but my cat, Lucky, was blocking the door way. I nudged him with my foot slightly but soon I felt the sharp pain of his claws cutting thru my skin.

He was normally a really sweet, laid back cat but just very.....demanding.

"Lucky! Are you hungry or just...UGH!!" I yelped at the pain now in my anckle.

His claws really hurt when it hit right by a vain and bone. I picked him up knowing I'd get get clawed again, he hated being picked up. He figited in my arms some as I took him down the stairs. As I put him down he left claw marks on my arms and wrists. I placed him by the now full food and water container but just sat there staring at me. Then followed me as I walked. What was his issues? Could stuff get any weirder..

Ding Dong

The door bell sang , Appearintly it could, I opened the door and let Demetri inside.

"Kinda early" I check the time and it read 4:23.
"Sorry" he seemed more serious.
"I need you to tell me if anyhting to seriously weird has gone on..." He faced me.
"well... my dream are weird... but thats about it..." I was looking him in the eyes now and continued. "One left me with a scar"

His eyes grew slightly wider.

People say in your life you'll remember seven major events when you die. And I knew right this day would be one of them. After I explained the dream to him he checked the scar. That day he had told me about how the Dark sides leader was Coryn. Coryn was with Kayleigh before he betrayed The Seven. But Kayleigh still loved Coryn. A Romantic Tragedy, with no happy ending. Demetri carried on by telling once you had the mark there would be no stopping them till they had hunted you down...most likely for dead. But he assured me that he would never allow any harm to come to me. We had after all that finally left the house and went in his car.

"I'm sorry I was a bit on the creep side back there" His hands where on the wheel to who knows where.
"Your fine" I shrugged.
"For that; A serious convo was needed" I continued.
"I guess" He also now shrugged then took one hand off the wheel to hold my hand.

Then we pulled off a street, heading to an area I had never been before. Trees lined with trees by the road making anything passed the tree almost impossible to see. O felt a little tension in my stomach, and the slience in the car didnt help to much either.

"I found us a song" He let go of my hand and turned on the Radio then returned his hand to mine.

The music sounded like classic old time country at first but thrn it became fimiliar. The voice of a well known singer... The song was perfect.
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PostSubject: Chapter 6   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:16 am

"We were both young when I first Saw you"

It was Taylor Swift's song Love Story. I began to hum along as a smile lightly came upon my face. I closed my eyes and began picturing myself standing outside in the summer air.

"So I did well?" Demetri Chuckled some.

I began to nod, "Not good...but amazing" I looked at him opening my eyes and he gave me his amazing smile.

"Even Better" He laughed.

Nothing had changed, I still couldnt stand silence so we listened to music the entire trip to fill the void. The next song was Mixed Tapes, followed by Fallen Angel, then Closer, and finally Forever. I could picture each of these tapes having everything in the world to do with him and I. But of course the snow began to fall, normal this time of year.

"Ummm will we be there soon?" I looked over slightly then back at the road.

He nodded but kept his eyes on the road. The road began disappearing into the fog and before I knew it the road was completely gone. But this in fact didnt even phase Demetri the slightest.

"Are we lost.." I said quitly but he shook his head and I then heard the sound of running water.
The silence had taken over but in the distance a hosue started to become clear. It was a two story house and looked georgeous. Everyhting so perfect and detailed as the wind blew ever so gently threw the Garden and the snow had stopped. There weren't any traces of snow in fact at all, also everything seemed so pure and so much cleaner. The car pulled to a stop in front of the spectacular monument and Demetri didnt hesitate a moment to open my door and lead me inside.

"Keep calm and breathe," He smiled at me, his hand already around my waist as we entered the house. Immedity entering this house for the first time youd think it was a castle. The ceiling reached high and tiled with golden bricks. Tinsle wrapped around the stairs case and plants placed through the rooms. Candles places here and there accompanied with some flowers.
"Sorry they're already getting ready for christmas" He laughed.

I felt melting but this set up was just amazing. There was a fire place with Hanika Candles and red ribbon tracing down the brick patterns where the fire would be lite on christmas night. Every detail flawless, a christmas tree in the center of the room with ever light on the tree shimmer brighter than the last. Each decoration having a deeper meaning than just being there.

"You like it?" Demetri looked at me.
"Its amazing" I felt so shuttery, I'd only seen places like this in movies.. maybe.
"Eh it's alright" Damian walked into the room with a big smile on his face.
"This is just the base for Earth, The home base on Luster is alot nicer" Damian shrugged and looked around.

Luster was the home planet for The Seven. Demetri started directing me up the stairs, still holding my waist. I did as he said and went in the directions he said. Every step seemed to amaze me, everything was just so fullfilling and designed just for the veiw. He opened the door to a room of simple tiled floors and velvet walls but in that simple factor is was magnifecient.

"Luster is better in every way but one... it doesnt have you" Demetri smiled taking my hand. I then caught on, this was a ballroom. The red peirced my checks and I smiled.

I followed his steps, hand and hand. He danced around the room with me.

"Your a natural" His hand on my waist as we danced through the odd ballroom.

This wasnt to difficult, it was actually fun. After what felt as tho the most amazing hour I heard some doors click in the distance.

"They're home" We slowed to a stop.

He let me go but kep my hand as we excited the room back to the stairs were we were previously. At the bottom of the stairsthere was Kaleigh , Damian, Ari, Cat, and Robin.

"Demetri get down here" Kaliegh voice was calm but it echoed through my head.

Demetri left my side but i didnt move, my body reacted by iteself telling me to stay and I followed its commands like a dog. I listened closely tho.

"I'm sorry, I didnt know" Demetri spoke till he was interupted.
"That doesnt matter, I dont really care that she's here" Kaleigh was full out honest.
"Then what is it" Demetri questioned.
"Janes got attacked... another pyra attack" her voice trailed off some till she got back on track. "Alyssa left the seven."

I could picture it. Demetri's faces, once a face of a curious angel now a face of temper and anger. All I heard from his perfect full lips, He Echoed over the entire Castle, even though it was so quiet a mouse would have issues understanding. The word no child nor person enjoys, the despized word.


I heard his suddle yet quick foot steps up the stairs then his tense hand holding mine. Leading, almost dragging me to a new set of stairs. No... the word echoed in my head. He stopped at a door and led me into a room. I wasnt positive but I was pretty sure he had locked the door behind him. This tension haunted me, what was so bad that it called for all of this? The room had a labtop on the left wall and a bed on the right. Then the third wall had a dazzling window towering above an amazing book shelf. Next to the labtop there were journals and pencils. Then there was a radio just about hidden by the bed form all the CD's and Disk's Stacked up.

"My home base room" He mumbled to me as her put a disk in the Radio and turned it up loud. Though he kept turning up the volume I could still hear the knocking a the door. He was hiding something, there was no doubt of that. I sat on the edge of his bed. His bed spread was not that cozy but were black and purple, I gave him credit.. he was original. Demetri Paced back and forth.

"Demetri" I knew my voice was proubly to weak to penitrate his thought process let alone the music on top of the pounding on the door.
"Demetri." My voice grew just a little louder but still nothing, I caught none of his attention. I felt strong as I stood up and looked at him.
"Demetri!" My voice seemed louder than ever, and Demetri stopped his pacing looking over at me.
"Yes?" Demetri's voice had that irish accent I couldnt help but melt for. But I knew I had to keep my together.
"Whats wrong?" I sat back down and leaned back.

There was a moment of silence, was he thinking of an excuse or was he just stalling and not planning on telling me? I looked out his window, a huge up hill stretch lined with tree's. All perfec tin symmetry, natures perfect design; every detail. Perfect messurments and the perfect shades of colors. I heard the door shake again, rattling each of the screws. His warm hand took my hand and he lifted me off the bed, having me press his body to his. Our lips oressed together ever so lightly, his arms around my waist, but this peace only last a moment. Before I knew it we were outside, shattering his window. He held me in his arms securly but I was confused. This was their base...what was he running from? Demetri wasnt making any sense, and wasnt explaining anything at all. I felt the wind tear against out speed but Demetri didnt slow down... if anything he sped up. Proving he could beat the wind. The leaves hissed as Demetri ran threw the branches, I thought we would go on for miles but eventually he did begin to slow down to a stop.

"I cant stand that" I heard him mumble, he seemed like he was about to lose himself. About to blow but as was I.
"Well right now, I cant stand you." I snapped and turned my back to him.

A few moments passed and I gave in... I really was becoming a softy. Giving a big sigh I turned around, "Demetri?"

I felt the tempeture begin to rise and the grass around his began to grow crisp. All moisture in the air began to disappear, evaporating on the spot.

"Demetri. Stop it" I demanded.

He froze; his hands that were once tensed into fists, were now un winding and swung to his sides. He was caling down at last. Soon Kaleigh had joined us in the clearing. You would think she would have be annoyed or angered after Demetri's temper tantrum, but she was utterly calm.

"Are you done?" Kaleigh voice soon adjusted and reminded me of a parental figure, but Demetri kept quiet.

Kaleigh Turned And Faced Me.

"Aubrey; Alyssa, our previous Light Master has left the Seven. I see great potential in you and from your blood line. Would you like to join the seven? Kaleigh made the sentence seem so simple but the more I thought about it... that was the farthest concept it was. This was a very impotant choice.

Every word that passed through her lips...then she vanished into thin air, like she was never there. I knew she had been there tho, her words cut into me, never to leave again. The wind pushed my hair from my faceshowing me Demetri's expression.

"There are pro's and con's if your going to do this" Demetri sighed, "Pro's, you say a oath and you are immortal, you can learn the world a new way through the seven. The other worlds... yeah."
I could tell he didnt want me in the seven for sure which made almost no sense to me for he was in the seven.

"Con's, You are involved with the war in 2012. Your body is frozen so there is a chance you cant get pregnate or really change but this also means you dont grow older. Once you quit the seven you return the age your supposed to be. If your as old as me or pass the normal human life have a single day to say goodbye, then you die from your age." He looked at me serious.

"I dont mind you joining, I just want you to be 100 percent sure its what you want.. And.. I just dont want to ever lose you Crysta.." Demetri tucked my hair lightly behind my ear.

I nodded and leaned on him lightly, it was time for me to ruin an amazing moment.

"I want to do this" I said quietly.
"Why: Demetri ask flatly.
"I dont know" I closed my eyes for a moment then looked at him hopeful, "A feeling"
"Alright I'm here for you," He didt smile but I didnt expect him to either. His voice was gentler as he took my hand. He led me once again but this time down the hill, there we met up with Kaleigh where I told her yes.
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PostSubject: Chap 7   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:17 am

Kaleigh told me i was in the seven but it would be difficult at first for the fast that I would be a new person. She also told me that I should carry on with human life , and the oath wouldnt be made or put into effect yet. She did that so I could still think and test if this is what I really wanted.

The ride home was a quiet one I didnt know if he agreed with my choice of not but it was to late, and something I felt I needed to do.

"Glow, Its in your blood. Thats bascially like your last name now," He had my hand in his but his eyes were still focused on the road. He looked at me for a moment, "Kind of cheesy I know but it works."

Crysta Glow, I thought inside my head. Sounds sorta like a fictional wanna be super hero. But he was right, it did work.

"Crysta, Promise you'll never leave me" Demetri looked at me and immediaty I felt the pressure all around my body. Could I promise this? A guy I completely and utterly adored and I couldnt make up my mind... What was wrong with me...

"I promise, but you have to promise also." I looked at out hands then at him.

He finally smiled and laughed, "I wouldnt worry to much about me leaving you lass, But I promise"

Relief had hit me. I really did care about him and he was my very special best friend. What we had was unbreakable.. thats how it seemed at the time. He seemed to really care and I really cared about him. Down the hallway hand and hand I knew people would talk. But the more people talked about me, the more they just made me famous. I also knew people would tell him rumors just to try to get him. When a new hot guy comes to the school, girls would do pretty much anything to get him. The one thing for sure, he was mine, and I was his.

Daniel poked my. "Hiya love birds!" She bascially screamed.

I continued to walk with Demetri down the hallway, just un able to escape my friends. I heard a click and we were in the science hallway. I was against the wall and he was facing me. The air was cool but it felt good against the skin.

"We are training today, you in?" His voice was alot different today, almost like a totally different person. Like when I met him; I smiled and nodded.
"So i need Idea's for christmas," I poked his nose lightly teasing.

The hallway was still vacent which was weird, it was normally flowing with life by now.

"I love you..."I spoke every word very clearly.

The words had finally escaped my lips, but my stomach twist in the silence. Questions tossed in my head, what if he didnt feel the same? Was I the one rushing it this time?

"I love you too lass" His voice was overwhelming with his irish accent.

A beuatiful smile spread across his face. Absolutly amazing.... I felt his hand lightly run thru my hair, and his lips lightly touched mine.

"Your georgeous" He smiled.
"Nah, not really" I faked a smiled back.

I always thought of myself bascially as not so much beuatiful but actually ugly...but wrapped in his arms it was hard to argue.. I was just melting. Demetri traced around my hip lightly. We were a quiet for a little bit but then I became curious about his past relationships.

He shrugged, "Your my first love, by choice of course that is" He smiled and it was as though he read my mind.

My eyes could only grow by how surprised I was.

"Your amazing" I smiled.
"You are too" He held me close and whispered in my ears lightly.
"Just wait till training," I laughed and he looked at me.
"Aww, babe I cant wait.... Now... I think Imma call you Vu." He smirked slightly.

I tipped my head and put my hands on his chest lightly.

He continued, "A nickname kinda, You give me so much Deja Vu... is that name alright?"

I finally understood and smiled, "Okay, and your Star Star. The brightest star in my night sky." I laughed a little.

I knew it was cheesy but he didnt mind. My very special best friend, but the bell as usual had to ruin the moment.


The annoying voice of the bell invited people in the door. The dragging of everyones foot steps and mocking voices. I wlaked into the science room and slid into my seat, him sitting beside me.

"School finds a way to always ruin stuff." I sighed pulling my chair back so I could lean back some.
"Wow" He laughed a little and I pulled out my computer.

"Today is the movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth" the teacher voice echoed thru the class and every voice went quiet. With the occasinal shush and hush.

IM messager

Demetri: Hey Vu
Crysta: Hey Star Star
Demetri: I might not be here for a while...missions =/ and patrol...Looks like Paris is having some ...issues.
Crysta: Ok... and...Paris??? Lucky!
Demetri: Eh one day.. I promise you'll go there.
Crysta: lol okay.
Demetri: Cool so whats up?
Crysta: Nothing much, Daniel and Jennifer are in a fight
Demetri: Eh y?
Cysta: Stupid High school rollarcoaster. Jennifer cheated, Daniel told. It got to Jennifers BF.
Demetri: Wow...


I shut the lid and wrote down some quick notes on the movie. The bell rang, quick class today but it carried on like a normal average day. Well it was a normal day till lunch rolled around.

"Stupid little wanna be" I could reconize Jennifers scream across the cafeteria.
"The the heck up and go back to your corner!" Daniel was mad and was now fighting back.

When I got to the screaming cat fight, It seem others also got the idea to come watch in case it turned into something more besides just mere words.

"You two stop" my voice was calm as I worked my way in between the overly dramatic girls.
"Crysta, get out of the way your not part of this" hissed Jennifer through her teeth.
"Of course this does Jennifer! Why dont you tell out good friend Crysta how you tried to hook up with Demetri" Daniel said with enthusiam in her voice. But now. I was done; I turned and faced Jennifer.

"You little...."I muttered under my breathe. I was holding back so much at this point.
She had backstabbed me again, and this time was the last.

"Crysta, shut up and grow up" Jennifer rolled her eyes. She was trying to act big and bad in front of everyone. "You have no proof anyways" she gave her wicked witch smile that matched her bumpy nose.

"I dont need it, You want a war... you got it." I turned around facing my back to both of them and without saying another word exited the crowd. My head held high and a smile on my face, never would I lose and I didnt plan on it happeneing now. But the question did pop into my head.

Did he cheat?

Daniel said Jennifer tried to hook up with him but never said if Demetri gave in to her attempts. This made my blood boil even more. I wanted to beleive he didnt, i'm positive he didnt.. but... what if he did...?

It was the high school version of war.
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PostSubject: Chap 8   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:19 am

In JROTC we were learning marching and I avoided Demetri like the plague. What was I supposed to do.. or even say? The anger and frusteration built up inside of me, I felt as thought I was about to blow when the bell rang and calmed me down. With this ring it was time for practice.. time to see and talk to him. A note I had got earlier in the day told me to wait by the pool. As i began walking to the pool I wondered why the pool was where we were meeting. I slipped off my shoes and tipped my toe in the water. It was cold, the chill from the water relieved me in a way. Kinda put a calming sensation to my entire foot, while the rest of my body ached and cried for this sensation. I was just about to jump in, then everyone walked in. Demetri followed by others who were in the seven.

"We better get started" Kaleigh looked over everyone.

Something seemed different about her, no physically but the way she acted and carried herself. Nothing came to mind about what it might have been till i started to look at her physical appearnce again. Had she gained some weight? I got knocked into the water and others followed into the water swimming towards the bottom but the bottom seemed to never come. The clorine had shut my eyes and by the time I had opened them I could breathe and we were on land.

"Demetri is our swords master" Ari led me around the practice grounds, "Never to have been beat"

We continued walking and everything seemed so unbelieveable to the eye, to the touche.

"Robin has fire, Cat is water, Demetri Earth, Damian Sub n Tri, Akinaair, and now your Light and we are still looking for a new darkness master." We came to a stop in front of Demetri beating Rory. It was my turn to train and face him.
"Learn as much as possible" Kaleigh tossed me a sword.

The sword seemed heavy in my hands, my fingers traced over the design. It was a star with sparks of each element surrounding it. This was outlined by misty clouds. I felt his warm hands on my waist.

"Sword practice Vu?" Demetris voice was like a violen but at the same time like a ice cold knife sliding into my very skin. He took my hand and led into the fighting position.

"Let practice" He smiled.
I nodded "But dont be easy"

The swords glidded together till they farwelled again in uncommon harmony. Every hit seemed second nature and every spin seemed so common. This brought back memories.

When I was younger we had lived in the country, a place known as Belory.My parents seemed always out and busy then my brother who was 13 at time, would babysit for my sister and I. He'd take me outside as early as five in the morning. He'd find two strong, built sticks and would lead take me by this leaning tree. There he'd teach me the brutal way of sword fighting with sticks. Every hit against my hands would leave scars till the day I decided enough was enough. He knocked me to the ground but I tripped him knocking him to his knees. Instincts kicked in.. like I had no control. I stood up and caught his stick form mid air putting them both together in a scissor motion around his neck. From that moment on... he hadnt trained with me..and I hated to lose.

Our sword slid till I felt odd metal again my palm.

"Heh your gonna have to do better than that Glow" Demetri's voice seemed almost mocking. I blew up.

I put my sword in the ait and he jabbed at me. At that moment I ducked from the motion then kicked the sword out of his hand catching it in my own. The blood twirled through my fingers.

"Well done" He smiled, but his smiled only made me more mad.

"Did you cheat" It came out as a whisper at first and he couldnt hear me, i tried to get louder but i kept repeating till i practically yelled it. The practice yard got quiet besides the occasinal wind rustle.

"What..." His voice trailed off and was quiet.
"Jennifer and Daniel, there show at lucnh let some secrets slip." I felt so shakey.
His silence didnt help the situation, I stormed from the training ground to where my better judgment told me the castle was. I heard foot steps behind me so I began to speed up the pace , I was almost running but before i knew it i felt myself pushed again a tree. I could just feel the tears run down my face.

"Crysta, Crysta??" Demetri tried but I couldnt stand to lok him in the face, not now.
"Just tell me what happened," I attempted looking up at his angel face but it almost seemed as though to much.
"Jennifer found me after school, yes she tried to get me to come over but I didnt. Your the only one for me, Vu. I love you forever..."His voice echoed in my head but I beleived him.

"Im so sorry" I mumbled as he hugged me tightly. I felt my body pressed against his and he smiled.
That night I stayed over till 3 in the morning we talked and he told me stories, we just got to know each other alot better. Once he dropped me off my mom was still up... this worried me of how much trouble i'd be in. I entered the house but she wasnt angry at all.

"I would like to meet this young man" My mom smiled.

She was playing the best friend card again.

"Also your dads break is next week, him and I are taking 1-2 weeks and going on a florida cruise." She told me flatly.

The week passed slowly and was actually very dull for one reason... Demetri wasnt there.
This was forign and new to me, not seeing him or hearing his voice. I wanted to try calling him or texting him but then again didnt want to seem controling. If it was somethinghuge, he wouldve told me. The night of my parents trip finally came and I couldnt be more happy. The last couple of days we had been having tons of conflicts and arguments. Demetri and I had been together for three weeks now and I personally couldnt wait till the one month mark. My parents left after listing every emergyncy contact on the fridge and going into detail on every rule. In capital letter on the fridge read:

No Boys!!

It was written in my fathers chicken scratch hand writting, no surprise. One of the disadvantages of being a daddy's girl. I popped some popcorn, slid in a movie and sat on the couch. Such a child movie, but I love Alice in Wonderland since I was a child. Disney's version.
The Cheshire cat had just found Alice, she had been complaining about being lose when my door shook with a knock. I got up and opened the door, it was Damian. Outside the snow slowly began to creep to the ground.

"Come in" I directed my hand to welcome him inside. I was a bit confused on his presence.
"Glow, Demetri's hurt" Damian closed the front door behind him as he entered... at least he was streight to the point.
"" I questioned, my heart fell immediatly.
"We're unsure. It isnt to bad, just a couple burns." Damian sigh.

I nodded calmly but my mind raced.

"We think its a pyra. To be more specific Coryn, the one who attacked you at the party. This didnt effect Demetri to much for he is also hald pyra." Damian continued.
"A what? Who?" I was now even more confused.

Silence grew betweem use. This made it frusterating and hard to comprehend what I had just been told.

"Pyra's, gods of fire, vampires of some type. But instead of blood, they feed on souls. Cant walk on sacred grounds. Almost the basic idea." Damian tried explaining.
"But who!" I demanded.
"Coryn is Kaleighs ex" Damian sat on a stool in the down stairs hallway across from the kitchen.
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PostSubject: Chapter nine   Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:21 am

Kaleighs ex who she still happened to love? That could only lead to trouble...

Damian left after he explain further to me about Coryn and Pyra's but it still left me with so many questions. I hugged my knees and lied my head on the couch, My dream took over from there.

The water splat against my feet and I could feel the chill rub against me as I ran. There was no one in sight but I still somehow felt watched. The trees all mimiced each other swaying in the wind and pushing my hair past my exposed shoulders. I looked down and felt the warmth of my own blood from the cuts on my body. I was in a torn dress, it reached to the ground and the top was around my shoulders. It looked as if Id been attacked by a animal. My hair was up in strands so I pulled out a pin and it fell to cover my shoulders. The moon shimmered down on this mysterious land but Demetri appeared from in the shadows in the tree on the other side of this clearing. Something felt wrong about this though. Felt wrong about him being here and it got me upset seeing him. I felt like screaming at him but everything froze.

I awoke on the edge of the couch and the sun had finally lifted into the bright blue sky. The dream sent shivers down my spine but it couldve been just a dream. I brushed my hair and my teeth then went into the kitchen and started the washer. I sat on the counter waiting for it to be done but this was mainly a chance to think.

After I finished the dishes I went and got dressed. The sun was shinning its brilliant glazes of light down on the Earth, So i decided I better embrace it. I slipped on my bikini with a pair of shorts and a tanktop over it. Outside I let the sun sooth and smuther my skin in its never ending warmth. But I fell into a transe, a transe my own mind put on me; and I once agian fell asleep.
I fell cold and air stopped from my bare lips, tears ran down my face, and my heart tore from inside me. I screamed out for it to stop with my last tip of breathe but nothing, I fell to the floor.

I was soaked and lying on the couch when I awoke.

The rain fell in unison outside. But in the kitchen I also heard noises, I suspected it to be my sister but I was wrong. Demetri exited the kitchen and sat beside me. So I then sat up and layed my head lightly on his broad shoulder.

"You fell asleep outside...I came by and saw you and with your luck.. the rain got ya" Demetri smiled at me. The words left me and I smiled back and nodded.
"How did you get hurt?" I looked at him, if anyone was going to know for sure, it would be him.
"Coryn tried to come back to the castle" He looked at the ceiling.
"Whats so wrong about that?" I sat up and looked at him.
"He's on the other side" Demetri sighed.
"So? People change.." I responded.
"So he's a bad guy Crysta" He snaped at me slightly. I could tell the slight frusteration in his voice.
"Everyone deserves a second chance..." I pouted a little.
"Not him" He said flatly.
"Whatever" I finally ended up snapping at him.
The tension grew in the room till her stormed out in his frusteration. It dawned on me that we had our first fight. Everything I had said about nothing breaking us apart was nothing. The door rattled but I ignored it, when I had finally lifted my head back up I saw Ari.

"What do you want" I sighed.
"You cant hide anything from me. You and Demetri will get past this glow. What doesnt kill you can only make you stronger: Ari said, seemed she was almost laughing.
"So what are you now? My counciler?" I put in a joking manner.
"No, think of me more as your angel" She smiled but I actually liked the idea.
"I wish he'd come back back" I looked at the ground hugging my knees slightly again.
"I'm gonna sound to much like a genie but... your wish is my command" She shrugged in a split moment I heard a snap.

As I looked up she was gone but I didnt have time to question it as the door rattled open and Demetri came back in.

"Im sorry, Im sorry Im sorry! You know I lose my temper, Im sorry" Demetri came into the living room.
"Im sorry too" I stood up slightly surprised.

We hugged for a little then gave a sorry kiss. Afterwards he helped me set up a christmas tree then wrapped it in tensil and hung ceramic balls on the tree. All that was left after decorating the house was finding Demetri a present. Katie, Cassie, and I went to the mall. For the main reason, I really didnt know what he wanted and the mall had like 40 stores. And if we found nothing here there is a larger mall the next city over. Whenever I asked him what he wanted he'd always answer: "Nothing" or "I have everyhting I need" or my personal favorite "you." I needed help, I texted Akina to get her butt over here and she agreed and told me she would be right over . We met up at the arcade.

"Get him what every guy want" Akina shrugged like it was the simplest thing in the world.
"And whats that?" Could this be the answer I was waiting for?
"A paintball gun" Akina had the biggest, chessiest smile on her face.

This was my help? A paintball gun? I ignored her suggestion and we continued to look around. I could feel Cassie and Katies looked, Akina was only 12 while we were 14, 15 but it didnt really matter to me. We went into Debs.

"Found something for him!" I could hear Cassie declared though the store.

As I approached her she held up a skimpy blue laced outfit. It was a cute blue silk and laced in a corset in the back.

"For you, to him" Cassie winked and I could fell all the color leave my face.
"Or this!" Katie held up a top and bottom set. It was a amber red top wit black see thru silk.
"Um...I'm good" I looked around more.
"We'll buy them just in case" Cassie winked again and went to the register to buy both sets.

By that time Akina was basically rolling out of Debs laughing. We were trying to think of an actual present but he was someone all to difficult to shop for so we decided to take a break and grab lunch.

"Difficult guy to shop for" Cassie looked at me then at her drink.
"Very" Katie threw back a sigh and leaned back in her chair.

It was sad but I had to agree with them on this. Mission Impossible is what this was for sure. Demetri, the worlds biggest and most complicated puzzle.

"Take him to a party" Katies yawned.
"Or better yet..."Cassie sat up, "Throw him a party"

All of their attentions grew and they all began planning at once. Three of them planning and pointing out what might go wrong, showing how to avoid it. They already were setting it in stone and I had no place or way to argue. The plan ended up like this: The night before christmas eve, Katies parents would be out of town so there was the location. We would all pitch in money and anyone who heard about it would be invited. As we went thru a few more stores I bought some things for him but still not that perfect present, so the party would have to do. Once we were done I went home but with my parents still being out... it was vaccent and also very boring. So i brought Akina home with me, and she brough Ari who brough Kalieigh. End result... a girls night.

The music played and we just chatted and had fun till we heard a knocking at the door and cat walked in soon after.

"Finally" Ari laughed and hugged her.
A ew song came on and we were all dancing, all but Kaleigh... curious why, I sat by her.

"You dont dance?" I tipped my head.
"I dance, Ballroom dance" Kaleigh replied politely.
"Thats harder than party dance...this is simple" I smiled. I stood uptaking her hand and pulling her up to try dancing. "Its all in the hips" I swings my hips to show her just messing around but she just stared at me in disbelief and left into the kitch and I followed.
"I just..just cant.."Kaleigh was leaning against the counter.
"Cant dance..?" I tipped my head.
"No... Cant..." She trailed off using her hands trying to figure out how to discrib it. She picked up a box of cereal, and pointed to a girl laughing and playing.
"Cant smile?" I was trying not to laugh.
"Cant have fun." She put the bow back down sighing.
I stepped back, "Fun?" Then thought again, "Cant or wont?"
"We're to busy for such a thing" She talked superior.

So thats what it was, I smiled and pulled her back to the living room. Another new song was on.

"Fun; might help, new ideas, inspire new points of view." I kept pushing her to dance and she finally got annoyed and danced.
"Go Kaleigh" Cat clapped and wooted.

She could dance so I decided to join in with her. Every swing of the hip and bend of the chest in unition till we saw a new presence, a few actually. Demetri, Rory, Damian, and Robin were by the couch and had snuck in while none of us were paying attention. There was another figure, he was in between Damian and Demetri, I didnt know him but at the same time he seemed fimiliar. Attention drawn to us, we both stopped dancing and a awkward moment was in the air.
Kaleigh walked up to the stranger who was now looking back at me and hugged him. I now knew who it was... familiar from the night of the party...those eyes.

"Coryn is back on our side and has asked me to marry him. I agreed" Kaleigh voice echoed through the now ghost like house. No one would argue while she was around but no would agree while she was gone either. The party went back to normal exsept guys were now mixed in and there was no dancing just talking for now.

"That was hot" Demetri whispered in my ear. We were on the couch and I was laying my head on his shoulder.

I couldnt help but smiles.

"You got Kaleigh to dance, How?" Demetri looked at me with his angelic charm.
I shrugged and smiled, "I just have my ways."

His arms wrapped around me and he kissed my forhead lightly. But for once I was going to be greedy. I put my hand on his check and kissed his lips, and he kissed back passionatly. Before I knew it my back was pressed against the couch and he was holding himself on top of me. Our breathe un even, lips in a un common unison.

"Uh" Demetri lifted up form me to see Damian standing there.
"I'll go find uh...everyone else" Damian left the room quickly. Seemed we really knew how to clear a room.

Demetri helped me up and held me close still.

"Oops" I smiled very lightly.
"I wouldnt change anything, as might as fact, Id do it again," Demetri smiled back at me and laughed agreeing.

The clock read 1:33 and everyone was dancing again by now. Not a person paying attention to the time and not a single person left out. Tonight I just felt like being wild and having fun. Demetri held my waist from behind and when I turned around he would always be there. I looked around and saw everything I had gained over these last few weeks and how far everything had come. Then felt the strang feeling again of being watched. I saw Coryn looking at me again, his eyes looking deeper inside me. Deeper than anything else before. I felt a chill within me but at the same time curiousity. It is true, the eyes are the door to the soul...
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:06 am

Wow O_o thats great. took me like 30 min to read it xD. Akina sounds like me O_o
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:45 pm

Its only like 60-70 pagesss and its shortened at some places where i got lazy o.o
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:10 am

haha Smile you're a great writer aubs!!! seriously!!
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:46 am

wows. how long did that take you? O.o
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:50 am

yeah.. the book i'm writing.. well i'm ony 64 pages in and it took my 3 weeks o.O!!
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:47 am

i wrote my first book in 2nd grade and it was 16 pages long xD
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:50 am

haha sweet!! =) i found all these stories from when i was little.. one was called golden rain and it was about a nature goddess. there was a forest fire and she started to cry bc she loved nature and animals and was scared for them, and wen she cried golden rain started to fall from the sky. =D it saved them. it sucked! LOL!!
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:58 am

it only took me like a day o.o Cause i write it out on paper then edit it like a million times Razz I actually wrote this a year ago then came back to it to edit ti
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:00 am

haha that's awesome. I love when u find stories from the past :Po
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:30 am

yea same sometimes, but sometimes like this one was hard to write cause of all the memories =/
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:48 am

yeah :Po time is a scary thing haha
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:57 am

i just like to write stories
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:02 am

Like to make a story and put a point thru Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Golden Rose   

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Golden Rose
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